Review Your Insurance Coverage for Peace of Mind

Farm Bureau Insurance agents live in your neighborhoods and know firsthand the devastating losses Louisiana’s weather conditions can bring. That’s why they are experts at offering personalized guidance for clients and friends during trying times.

Our agents value getting to know their policyholders. They build relationships with people from all walks of life and then using their knowledge and experience to make insurance easy to understand. 

Personalize Your Insurance to Cover Everything

You may know that Farm Bureau Insurance offers personalized insurance coverage for your home, property, and contents. However, it may surprise you to know just what homeowners insurance may cover. Other Farm Bureau insurance protections in the case of a natural disaster may include flood insurance or personal liability, medical payments, loss of use, debris removal, reasonable repairs, trees, shrubs and other plants, collapse, and more. 

Our agents are the first contact when things take a twist in the wrong direction. They can guide you through decisions about which of your personal belongings may need additional coverage. Items you may not have thought of may not be covered under your homeowners insurance or a flood policy. These may include things like your freezer full of expensive food, family heirlooms, golf carts, ATVs, guns, jewelry, fine art, valuable collections, furniture, electronics, etc. 

Weathering Louisiana’s Storms With Farm Bureau Insurance 

Check into the tips below for storm preparation and recovery in Louisiana.

  • Before a storm, read our supply checklist, document checklist, and house prep checklist.
  • After a storm, refer to recording damage, making a claim, and post (after) storm cleanup.
  • Keep your insurance policy information (with your agent’s number) in a safe, waterproof location where it can be easily retrieved after a disaster. 
  • Prepare and keep an inventory of valuables in each room. Include personal belongings, valuables, household furnishings, electronics, etc. so losses can be documented. Keep it in a safe, accessible location. 
  • In case storm warnings are issued, it’s a good idea to keep tools such as tarps, plywood, heavy tape, etc. to cover windows before the storm hits, and/or to make emergency repairs after it.

Schedule an Insurance Review

Be ready for the next hurricane with a comprehensive policy from Farm Bureau Insurance. Louisiana’s residents need homeowners or renters insurance, life, personal property, and flood insurance to cover everything.

The best way to find out what you need is by sitting down with an experienced insurance agent and doing a review. Find a local agent with our Agent Finder.