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First-Time Insurance Buyer? things you ought to know…

Whether it is the purchase of your first car, your first home, or getting married, protecting your way of life and property is paramount.

As your life changes, what are some of the insurance questions you need answered?

Your First Car

You’ve made the decision to buy it. Your first car! Congratulations and welcome to the world of increased freedom and mobility. But, along with it comes increased responsibility. Now, it’s time to purchase the required auto insurance.

On Your Own

Welcome to the big world! You’ve decided to move out. Congratulations! A big step in life, it is a great feeling when you’ve finally decided on a place to rent, the lease has been signed, and you’ve finally all moved in.

Getting Married

The planning has been done. The wedding was a smashing success. The bride was beautiful, and the groom remembered all of the steps to the "first dance." The honeymoon was relaxing, and now you are ready to begin your life together. Congratulations!

Buying That First Home

You’ve looked at plenty of homes in plenty of neighborhoods. Do you buy the older house with the pool? Do you want the condo near campus?

As the circumstances in your life change, your local Farm Bureau insurance agent has many products and services to help meet those changing needs. CONTACT your local Farm Bureau insurance agent today and you will discover - Real Service. Real People®.