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On Your Own

Welcome to the big world! You’ve decided to move out. Congratulations! A big step in life, it is a great feeling when you’ve finally decided on a place to rent, the lease has been signed, and you’ve finally all moved in.

While the typical young adult may not have many belongings, as you gather furnishings and valuables over time, it will be important to protect them. Your hard-earned possessions could be gone in a flash due to fire, hurricane, or burglary. Will you have the financial means to replace your things?

Are you a hunter? Do you play sports? Do you own a pet? Do you have an ATV or boat? If so, you may need personal liability insurance, which is designed to protect you should someone get hurt due to your participation in the everyday activities of life.

We can help with all those questions. Review home renting insurance options here.

As the circumstances in your life change, your local Farm Bureau insurance agent has many products and services to help meet those changing needs. CONTACT your local Farm Bureau insurance agent today and you will discover - Real Service. Real People®.