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Farm Property Insurance

At Louisiana Farm Bureau insurance, we know that you have made a considerable investment in your farm structures. The damage or loss of such structures can adversely affect your farming operations. This is why Louisiana Farm Bureau insurance offers Farm Property insurance.

Farm Property insurance with Louisiana Farm Bureau insurance is designed to provide coverage for barns, grain bins, equipment sheds, poultry houses and other structures on your farm. Why choose Louisiana Farm Bureau insurance? We have been serving policyholders just like you for over 60 years, providing real service by real people.

Types of farm property eligible for this coverage include but are not limited to:

  • Farm Storage Buildings
  • Barns
  • Equipment Sheds
  • Potato Curing Houses
  • Dairies and Equipment
  • Broiler and Poultry Houses and Equipment
  • Grain Storage Tanks
  • Feed Bins
  • Irrigation Equipment

For more information about insuring your farm equipment, contact your local Louisiana Farm Bureau insurance agent.