Has Your Car Been Recalled?

For Car Maintenance, Better Safe Than Sorry

When you turn on the news, it seems like you hear about car safety recalls all the time. Safety recalls happen frequently for issues both large and small. Factory errors happen, and automobile manufacturers must to fix these mistakes before they can lead to bigger problems. During a recall, they have to repair, replace, offer a refund, or in rare cases repurchase your vehicle from you.

Find Out if Your Vehicle is Part of a Recall

Car companies will attempt to contact you by mail to notify you of a recall. However, if the recall is a minor issue, you may not receive a written notice. Additionally, if your car is used, you probably won’t receive a notice, as sellers are not required to tell the manufacturer that they sold the vehicle. It’s a good idea to periodically run your car’s VIN number through theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) database.

Click here to check your VIN number at the NHTSA Database.

If your vehicle is part of an active recall, contact the manufacturer. They’ll provide complete information about your issue and how to fix it.

Subscribe to Email Notifications of Safety Recalls

You can subscribe to the NHTSA’s recall Notification Email System and receive notices for car, car seats, tires, and equipment recalls as they happen.

How to File a Vehicle Safety Complaint

Is your car acting funny? If you see something, say something. You may have a safety-related defect that should be reported. Make a complaint at the NHTSA. If similar complaints come in, they made lead to further investigation of a common error.

Good car stewardship includes servicing your car during a recall. Another is making sure that you’re properly insured against damages and liability. Get a free, no-risk car insurance quote or contact one of our Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance agents to hear more about our auto insurance options and other policies.