Car Seat Laws in Louisiana

Child Car Seat Laws in Louisiana

Child safety seats are required in every state, and there is an important reason why. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission believes child safety seats provide infants and young children the absolute best protection in the car.

If your child fits in one or more of the below categories, due either to age or weight, please place him or her in the more protective option.

  • Birth – 2 years old: Rear-facing infant or convertible child safety seat.
  • At least 2 years old: Forward-facing safety seat that features an internal harness ONLY IF the child exceeds the manufacturer’s height or weight limits of the rear-facing seat.
  • At least 4 years old: Belt-positioning booster seat (backless or high-backed) ONLY IF the child has outgrown the height and weight limits of the forward-facing safety seat.
  • At least 9 years old OR has outgrown the booster seat AND can pass the 5-Step Test: Lap-shoulder belt.

Per guidelines set up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, the Louisiana Department of Highway Safety recommends keeping your child in the back seat through the age of 12 years old at least.

If you’re convicted of a child safety seat offense, you have the possibility of being ticketed and fined, with your fine amounts increasing for subsequent violations.

You can also learn more about best practices in child safety seat usage from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Drivers that have been convicted of breaking a child safety seat law must provide the state with a Child Restraint Affidavit proving that they have acquired an appropriate child safety seat. The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS) sends a notification informing you of an allowance of 30 days to purchase a car seat and submit the affidavit.

You will submit the form to the address contained on the notice you receive from the DPS. If the period of 30 days passes and no affidavit has been provided, the DPS

will suspend your driver’s license until you provide a notarized affidavit showing you obtained an appropriate child restraint system.

Child Seat Installation & Inspection Station Assistance

Installing a child safety seat can be difficult. Reading your specific car seat manufacturer’s guide on how to install the car seat is a good first step. You may also: · Browse the complete list of Louisiana Child Passenger Fitting Stations on the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission website.

· Find out where to get hands-on assistance from a child passenger safety technician or locate a car seat check via the NHTSA Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locator.