The Early History of Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance

Fulfilling a Need for the People of Louisiana

Being vulnerable to the effects of severe storms, products like life insurance are essential for the residents of Louisiana. Recovery, however, wasn’t always so easy. We’ve been providing necessary insurance products for the residents of our state for over seventy years, but did you know how we got here? Much of the early history of the company is detailed in “History of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation” by Daniel Day Robertson.

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation was organized to help farmers by serving as advocates for agriculture in the legislature and by keeping the public informed on issues that affect them.

1950: The Insurance Program Begins

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation (LFBF) President, Malcolm Dougherty of East Feliciana Parish, was elected in 1946 and served for ten years.

“During his term he continued legislative and educational activities, but also enacted the beginning of the Farm Bureau insurance program in 1950 which was designed to gear insurance to farmers’ needs.

Starting in 1950, the insurance program in LFBF started catching on; despite heavy opposition the program started to grow. Policy rates started dropping and through the next thirty-two years, the insurance program proved to be of tremendous benefit to LFBF and their farmer members.

1957: Adapting to the Needs of Farmers

The insurance products that were initially offered by Farm Bureau Insurance were tailored directly to the needs of the farmer. First, we provided farmers with life and casualty insurance at competitive or lower prices. Then, in 1957, fire insurance was added. Finally, health and other specialty insurance products were added because Louisiana Farmers had a hard time accessing those types of policies.

Today, our services and benefits are still tailored to the needs of our policyholders. In addition to quality, comprehensive farm insurance, products now include storm protection from tornadoes and hurricanes, banking services, retirement planning, and roadside assistance. Our commitment to you means that we’ll continue to add products that you need to protect yourself and your family.

Growth Into Every Parish

At first, a staff of 15 people ran the Insurance program out of the LFBF’s office in Baton Rouge. By 1963, the group had grown and moved two more times into a third office space with over 60 agents. Today, there are Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance offices in every parish of the state. Each is staffed by local agents who can help you find products that best fit your needs.

Are you interested in insurance from a company who has been helping protect Louisianans since 1950? Use our agent finder to contact an agent in a parish near you.


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