Working From Home? Tips to Brighten Your Telework Office Space

With more Louisianians than ever scrambling to make working at home “work,” the rush to set up one’s own home office has surely resulted in a host of working situations that range from repurposed closet space to designer-inspired, ultra-organized home nooks. 

And everything in-between. 

Work-Life Balance

An important point that many experts emphasize when clients have been faced with the impromptu adjustments of suddenly working at home is just being used to the fact that you are at work—and home—at the same time. They describe it as a “work-life balance,” largely referring to setting boundaries to help ensure that work and home life are still (somewhat) separate. 

Separating Work and Home

As a small example, if you need a pair of scissors for your work duties, keep an extra one in your home office so you won’t have to “borrow” the one you’ll forget to return to the kitchen drawer. And households with young children at home may want to have a neighboring teenager scheduled to spend some time with them on certain afternoons so you can have some uninterrupted blocks of time. 

Read These Guides to Home Office Design

If you need to clear the clutter, cut down on the distractions, and just make your workspace more inviting, comfortable, and efficient, we’ve found some websites to guide you through the pitfalls. Having a pleasant, cheerful work area is more important now than ever. We encourage you to have fun with this project, using color, accessories, and your own special flair to truly make it your own space. 

  1. There’s No Place Like Home Work: Tips for Designing a Home Office gives advice on how to find the right spot for your home office, the importance of organization and cleanliness, why having green plants in your office matters, and more. 
  2. Working from Home? Here’s How to Create a Productive Home Office asks questions to help you think through your options in several scenarios—and offers some smart suggestions to polish your look and help boost productivity!
  3. 21 Themed Home Office Ideas to Craft Your Ideal Workspace and Match Your Personality is the ultimate site for busy men and women who want to set up a home office that absolutely expresses his or her own personality—and makes shopping for furnishings and accessories a snap! 
  4. 27 Ways to Create a Stylish Small Home Office If you have a small space to work with when creating your home office, this site has 27 truly creative solutions, including a ghost chair! 
  5. Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office offers practical steps to create up the office space that fits your needs. Is any expensive equipment necessary, and will it fit in your office space? Is lighting adequate? Do you have a dedicated phone for work only? Also included are time management skills and tax issues. 

Insure Your Home Office

At Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we know your time is valuable, and the best time to sit down for a quick review of your insurance policies with your local agent is always now! Having the peace of mind that you and your family are protected is one more thing you can cross off your busy list.

If you have expensive home office equipment while you work from your home, make sure that it’s covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. A local Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent can put together coverages that meet your needs. To get started, use our Agent Finder.