Join a Louisiana CSA for National CSA Sign Up Day

If your New Year’s Resolution to “make better choices” for meals has already begun to wilt, don’t worry, there’s a CSA for that! 

Set your sights on February 28, the official Sign Up Day to become part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative. CSAs ensure that a wholesome, customized selection of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and other goodies will make its way to you on a regular basis.

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a cooperative relationship between a local farmer and customer in which the customer actually has a stake in the success of each seasonal crop. Should the weather and other conditions fare well and the crop is a success, it’s a win-win. If conditions are more challenging and the crop yields are lower, each party is taking the same risk. 

The system allows community members the opportunity to make an investment in the crop—and the entire local farming community—by buying directly from the farmer, with no middleman, for an advance payment. This allows the farmer to access the literal “seed money” to start and grow the harvest. 

The best part is that customers are ensured seasonal produce that is extraordinarily fresh. Usually the farmer picks produce in the field on the same day as you receive it!

Many farms also offer extras like fresh eggs, meats, freshly baked bread, cut flowers, honey, canned goods, and other specialties. 

Find a CSA Near You 

Finding local CSA farms near you takes only a few minutes by checking the Louisiana CSA directory. This handy guide includes detailed product lists offered at each CSA farm as well as mapped locations, operating hours, months of operation, product practices (i.e., “no pesticides used,” etc.), delivery and payment options, and more. 

What Happens on February 28 

Although you can sign up with a partner farm on any date, Feb. 28 is the official Sign Up Date in order to create awareness of the CSA model of community partnering. Farmers will often offer special incentives via websites or social media on that day to recruit new customers. 

These partnerships strengthen the local farming community all year long, allowing residents hands-on opportunities to support sustainable, organically grown food. 

To get an up-close idea of how this works in real life, check out the websites of Louisiana CSAs below. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this convenient service that can start the new year off in the most healthful of ways.

Find additional Louisiana CSAs on the Louisiana CSA directory.

Insuring with Farm Bureau Insurance Helps Support Local Agriculture

When you insure with Farm Bureau Insurance, you’re also a member of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation—an organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for local farmers. If supporting farmers is close to your heart, consider getting a competitive quote from an agent near you. To get started, use our Agent Finder.