Check Out These Boats Built in Louisiana!

Louisianans are not just boat owners, and they’re not just boat builders—they’re boat innovators. Considering the varied environments of the coastal surroundings and the inland waters, a great variety of boats for recreational and commercial use are a common sight throughout the state. This makes Louisiana fertile “ground” for boat manufacturing that understands its unique marine demands. 

What drives that innovation? The distinctively rugged and potentially treacherous marine terrain that Louisiana boaters navigate on a regular basis: shallow waters, tree stumps and roots, fallen trees, wetland erosion, and just plain mud. 

Take a look at some of the boat builders we’ve discovered in Louisiana. When you’re ready to buy a boat, shop local! 

Louisiana Boat Companies

Gator-Tail, LLC

Loreauville, Louisiana

Gator-Tail Outboards manufactures rugged motors and boats made to deliver a boating/fishing/working experience that is fast, powerful, able to navigate sharp turns, and, above all, reliable in any shallow water environment. 

The company’s signature product is the original “mud motor.” The mud motor’s concept was developed as part of a college research project while the owner was working toward his degree in mechanical engineering. The subsequent designs continue to provide increased thrust and drivability, with relativity maintenance-free operation. 

Today Gator-Tail offers six innovative motors and 12 lines of boats. Some are made for heavy-duty recreational pursuits, and others performing as serious workboats for oil fields, commercial fishing or biologists’ research.

Uncle J Custom Boats

Morgan City, Louisiana

Uncle J offers customers the opportunity to work closely with its staff to design their own flat hull boats for shallow water, or performance hulls for deeper water. The process begins with a phone conversation or by completing an online boat builder form, where dreams come true as applicants fill out their wish lists of preferences among a generous inventory of options for the hull, motor, rigging, aluminum trailer and more.

Uncle J also offers designs for duck boats, bay boats, bowfishing, inboard mud boats, commercial fishing, and workboats.

Hanko’s Metal Works

Berwick, Louisiana

Hanko’s has been a family business since 1985, designing, fabricating, and delivering thousands of aluminum boats. Today it operates a 35,000 square foot facility on three acres, offering sales, service, parts, and more under one roof. Hanko’s offers customized flat boats, V boats, lift boats, and work boats. Their custom/specialty boats include bateaus, pirogues, skiffs, and others.

Bayou Rapides Fiberglass/Critter Getter Pirogues & Pit Blinds

Alexandria, Louisiana

Bayou Rapides Fiberglass opened its doors in 1979, and today manufactures a full line of pirogues, plus kayak layout boats, pit blinds, and more. The company specializes in hand-laid fiberglass products, which are lighter, thinner, stronger, and—they say—virtually indestructible. They offer double row pirogues, flat back pirogues, and an 11-foot kayak layout, along with other outdoor sportsmen’s products.

Pro Gator Boats

Benton, Louisiana

Pro Gator has been building boats since 1963, making them one of the longest-running lines in the business. It was in the ‘70s that they patented the double hull construction design still in use for all their models of bay boats and bass boats, all of which are constructed of 100 percent composite material.

Mr. B’s Boats

Loranger, Louisiana

Mr. B’s Boats has been making water crafts since 1980. Today the business is known for its line of skiffs, which are reliably roomy, durable and deliver a “dry, smooth ride,” even in rough water. All-composite construction makes them versatile in most aquatic and weather situations. The company also offers a line of pirogues in a variety of sizes that have a special top lip to prevent cracking.

Life Tyme Custom Aluminum Boats

Jonesville, Louisiana

Operating as a family-owned business since 1985, Life Tyme Boats, Inc. designs and manufactures heavy aluminum boats built with durability and safety in mind. The company specializes in producing customized deck barges, landing crafts, patrol rescue, pilot house and work boats, along with in-stock boats. They make all of their boats in Jonesville, Louisiana, and deliver to anywhere in the United States and beyond.

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