Monitor Hurricanes This Season With These Tracking Tools

Protect Your Family From an Above-Normal Hurricane Season

Louisianians may be feeling some déjà vu in 2021. Meteorologists predict a 60 percent chance of an above normal Atlantic hurricane season.

Rounding out the official NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) prediction for the season that began June 30 and goes through November 30 is a 30 percent chance of a near-normal season, and just a 10 percent chance of a below-normal season.

The good news? Fewer storms this season—but with a reminder that fewer doesn’t also mean milder. 

Louisiana’s coastal residents are accustomed to monitoring weather warnings and tracking storm locations. That task continues to improve with the addition of many new technological innovations. Increase your awareness of tropical storms with the latest tracking options below.

Lifewire’s Five Best Hurricane Tracker Apps for 2021

Lifewire, an informative and instructional online reviewer of the latest tech products, has rated the top five phone and tablet apps of 2021 for hurricane tracking, along with detailed forecasts, up-to-the-minute storm movements, alerts if a storm is approaching any location you choose, and more. These are must-haves for coastal residents! 

Online Storm Chasers and Livestreaming 

For those who love the action and bravery of others who choose to move toward danger during severe weather threats, many storm chasers share their experiences online. Live webcams also contribute valuable video images of storm development.

These shared videos allow you to witness tornadoes, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Here are a few trackers’ sites you may want to check out: 

  • Hurricane Webcam Tracker: See live hurricane webcams in 49 states, with 20 cameras on Louisiana beaches. This site is packed with detailed meteorological information and resources. 
  • Live Storm Chasing: Check watches and warnings, chaser locations, radar, satellite imagery, lightning, and local storm sites. Livestreams and videos are onsite. 
  • Severe Studios: Watch as extreme weather is livestreamed as it happens during tropical storms, tornados, hail, supercell storms, lightning, and more. 

Online Technologies to Track Hurricane Activity

New Tech

  • Fleet of Ocean Drones Launch This Hurricane Season: Five drones will sail into the paths of hurricanes to provide observations and new insights into how destructive weather cells grow and intensify, with a mission to increase accuracy of weather predictability. 
  • ALTIUS-600 Drone is On a Mission: This new ALTIUS-600 drone will help meteorologists pinpoint how warm or cool the waters have become, helping to improve forecasting of hurricane tracking and intensity. 

People to Follow

If you’d like to regularly connect with others who provide different perspectives on hurricanes and weather, here’s how you can easily follow 15 top blogs to stay up-to-date on the topic. 

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