Check Out These Local Louisiana Flower Farms

Famed fairy-tale author Hans Christian Anderson once wrote, “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” A fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten a room, refresh a mood, elevate a romance, and a growing body of research shows that flowers can also reduce stress and promote general well-being.

The best way to find a fresh bouquet of flowers is by shopping locally. In addition to ensuring your flowers are as fresh as possible, buying local can strengthen your community by supporting small businesses and farms.

Fortunately, Louisiana has flower farms all over the state, so you can buy fresh flowers no matter where you live. Plus, a visit to a local farm can be a fun trip for the family, a romantic date for a couple, and some farms even moonlight as wedding venues. 

Here are a few wonderful flower farms that you can enjoy today!

Gremillion Family Farms, LLC

Central Louisiana

Gremillion Family Farms, LLC, is an eight-acre plot in Central Louisiana that grows organic flowers with a focus on sustainability and responsibility. Their gardening practices include using locally sourced fertilizers in order to replenish nutrients in the soil and provide a habitat for all pollinators. While their actual farm is closed to the public, they regularly set up a booth at local farmers markets surrounding Alexandria. Check their social media for dates and locations.

St. Rose Flower Farm

Lafayette, Youngsville, Broussard

This family-owned farm got its name from St. Rose of Lima, the patron saint of gardens and florists. They are known for selling DIY flower buckets that customers arrange themselves. In addition to selling their beautiful, organically grown flowers, they also donate flowers to nursing homes. You can pick up your bucket at the farm, or you can have yours delivered in Lafayette, Youngsville, and Broussard.

1020 Fournet Road
St. Martinville, LA 70582 (directions)

Pistil & Stamen Farm and Studio

New Orleans

The duo at Pistil & Stamen grew the company, literally, out of urban lots in New Orleans city center. In 2019, they bought a two-acre farm on the West Bank to broaden their space-saving practices mastered in urban lots (like raised-bed composting, no tillage, and interplanting) into something more long term.

Their arrangements are all locally grown, sourced, and foraged. They also host several workshops throughout the year, and accept volunteers to help out on the farm.

2547 Palmyra St
New Orleans, LA 70119 (directions)

Fat River Flowers

East New Orleans

Fat River Flowers, formerly known as Cow Apple Horticulture, is a one-acre farm in East New Orleans. For eight years, they’ve grown flowers using only natural and sustainable practices with the goal of making their bouquets look, feel, and smell like the product of the lush gulf coast. They happily accept volunteers.

Sunflower Trail and Festival: June 18, 2022

Highway 3049 Between Shreveport and Gilliam

Every summer in Gilliam, along Highway 2049, families can drive along a wall of sunflowers! In June, the Red River Crossroads Historical Society hosts the Sunflower Trail Festival. Visitors can enjoy local music, good food, arts and crafts, activities for kids, and miles and miles of sunflowers, growing right up against the highway. In addition to several varieties of sunflower, there is a field of wildflowers that you can walk through, and the festival holds a photography contest every year to highlight the best photos of the season.

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