Free Car Buying Assistance Service for Farm Bureau Insurance Policyholders

Use the Member Automobile Buying Service

Uncomplicating the Car Buying Process

One of the most meaningful purchases you can make is buying a car. Whether it’s your first vehicle or your third, buying a car is an act that will have a tremendous effect on your life, your family, and your future. The process for buying a car can seem laborious, overwhelming, and downright confusing. There is a list of questions prospective car owners tend to ask themselves, like:

  • Should I get a new or pre-owned car? 
  • Can I trade in my vehicle?
  • How should I approach financing?

About Your Member Benefits

As a policyholder of Louisiana Farm Bureau insurance, you will receive the valuable help of addressing all of your car-buying questions and needs, for FREE. Our Member Automobile Buying Service (MABS) is just a click away. Click through and tell us what you need help with, and we will connect you with an agent who will guide you through the entire process. You don’t have to go it alone. Professional service with a personal touch.

How MABS Works

We designed the MABS of America program to save you time and money with no stress. The program is plain, simple and transparent. We work with you to develop a plan when approaching auto dealers, both in your market area and around the nation. You should get the most out of your purchase, so we will help provide you with the best possible price by leveraging the collective power of millions of potential buyers from membership organizations like yours to drive down the price of cars.

How to Access MABS

This benefit provides free, personal, and professional advocacy services to take the hassle out of car buying. If you’re not insured with us and would like to learn how to get started on a high quality, affordable auto insurance policy, take the next step by getting a free quote.