Baking King Cake? Try These Recipes

Louisiana is home to many traditions and cultures known around the world—especially of the culinary variety. There are traditions, pardon the pun, baked into other traditions like king cake. Served during Mardi Gras, the king cake is an icon of the celebration and is as synonymous with the event as party beads and parade floats.

Louisiana has several great restaurants where you can find delicious king cakes and with no effort on your part to enjoy it. But if you’re looking to make one yourself, we got you covered. Below is a collection of a few different king cake recipes that’ll be the talk of your Mardi Gras party.

Try These King Cake Recipes

Mardi Gras King Cake

Recipe and Ingredients

You can never go wrong with the classic king cake we all know and love. If you aren’t one to get too wild when it comes to your king cake, this is the recipe for you.

Cinnamon-Cream Cheese King Cake

Recipe and Ingredients 

If you are looking to get a bit adventurous, here’s a recipe to get you started. Imagine your favorite king cake, add the creamy goodness of a cheesecake and the sweet cinnamon flavor of horchata. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You’re welcome.

Pralines and Cream King Cake

Recipe and Ingredients

Here’s a fun, sweet, and nutty twist on classic king cake. Praline cream cheese filling, praline icing, and crunchy pecans give this recipe a unique taste definitely worth trying out. Tip: Make a double batch of the icing, so you can put it on literally anything later.

Raspberry Frangipane King Cake

Recipe and Ingredients 

If you’re not familiar with Frangipane, it’s a sweet almond-flavored custard that tastes great pretty much all the time. This king cake recipe throws raspberry into the mix for anyone looking for a heavenly take on the classic recipe.  

King Cake Cheesecake

Recipe and Ingredients

Everybody loves king cake. Everybody loves cheesecake. This recipe marries those two delightfully delicious sweets into a singularly heavenly experience. Prepare yourself for something special. 

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