Tired of the Traditional Crawfish Boil? Try Some New Crawfish Recipes

The culinary exploits of Louisiana are legendary. Many dishes can trace their origins or growth in prominence to our state. Few things are as synonymous with the region as crawfish, and the crawfish boil is as delicious and as Louisianan as any meal can get. However, if you’re looking to mix it up and go beyond the traditional crawfish boil, we’ve listed a few recipes worth checking out.

Crawfish Gumbo from Louisiana Cookin’

If you aren’t looking to stray too far from traditional Louisiana cuisine, then this crawfish gumbo recipe will be right for you. Adding crawfish to gumbo is an obvious marriage of two southern delicacies to create one spectacular dish.

Crawfish Beignets from Taste of Home

These crawfish beignets are the ultimate treat for all Mardi Gras shindigs or, frankly, any other gathering you may have. The subtle spice and tasty dipping sauce will make this dish the life of every party.

Crawfish Dirty Rice from Louisiana Cookin’

Dirty rice is another among a long list of Louisiana classic dishes, and the addition of crawfish seems like a no-brainer. This cozy, comfortable dish is a staple in every southerner’s diet, and crawfish makes a regionally appropriate substitute to ground beef.

Crawfish Burgers from Spicy Southern Kitchen

This crawfish burger is an American classic with a Cajun-twist. All the classic fixings make this one pretty close to the traditional hamburger everyone knows and loves, but crawfish helps kick up the flavors to bold new heights.

Crawfish Macaroni and Cheese from Call Me PMc

In the south, we love mac and cheese, and we love crawfish, so combining them into this rich and creamy dish is right up our alley. Tasty chunks of crawfish are a great way to liven up a classic the whole family already loves. 

Classic Crawfish Étouffée from New Orleans School of Cooking

Étouffée is already a great dish that really highlights the flavors and complexities of crawfish. Serve over rice and you can’t go wrong. And if you have anything left over, the leftovers are just as good. Or you could make some…

Fried Crawfish Étouffée Balls from Louisiana Cookin’

Assuming your family didn’t scarf down all the étouffée, turn it into this bold new dish. Whether you use this recipe to make fresh étouffée, or leftovers from the previous one, this will be a new go-to.

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