The Best New Wedding Gift Ideas

As the spring and summer months approach, that means so does the wedding season. There’s always new styles and trends to keep up with, so knowing what to get can be intimidating. Of course, no one wants to be the person who gives a gift that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. Below are a few places with some rock solid gift ideas if you’re having some trouble.

Great Wedding Gifts for 2023

The Knot

Standout Gift: Aura Mason Digital Photo Frame

Starting a life together means creating a lifetime of memories together. In today’s digital age, most of those memories are locked away on our phones. Give a gift that lets the happy duo share those memories.

Women’s Health Magazine

Standout Gift: Dylan & Rylie Hand Casting Kit 

This gift takes a bit of effort on their part, but what newly married couple wouldn’t want an expression of their love and commitment frozen in time via a piece of art made by them?

NBC News

Standout Gift: YourWeddingPlace Custom Welcome Mat 

The happy couple will think of you when they have a personalized welcome mat to greet them daily.

Home Wet Bar

Standout Gift: Personalized Coasters 

There are lots of reasons to celebrate after a wedding. That means having guests over, which means drinks, and drinks mean you could use a coaster to two, making this an ideal gift.

Town and Country

Standout Gift: Amazon Echo

Help make life a bit easier for the newlyweds with an Amazon Echo. Thanks to the integration of Alexa, the Echo can do it all: play music, make shopping lists (then order those items), answer questions, set reminders, and more. 

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