Consequences for Texting and Driving in Louisiana

These days can feel like we’re just getting busier and busier. At the same time, it can also feel like we have less time than ever before. Whether it’s tasks at work, activities with the kids, or time with loved ones, it’s easy to be distracted, especially on the roads. Let’s take a look at a few of the consequences of being a distracted driver in Louisiana. 

Louisiana’s Texting and Driving Rules

Adult and Minor Drivers

Under Louisiana law, the use of a handheld cellular device is illegal for all drivers, regardless of age. Use of the device includes the following:

  • Reading, writing, and sending text-based messages included emails, instant messaging, and text messages
  • Accessing, reading, and posting on social media applications and websites 


First Responders

Any law enforcement officer, firefighter, or operator of an authorized emergency vehicle may use a device while driving while engaged in the actual performance of their official duties.

Health Care Providers

A physician or other health care provider may use a cellphone to communicate with a hospital, health clinic or the office of the physician to provide for the health care of an individual or medical emergency through text-based communication.


An operator of a moving motor vehicle using a wireless telecommunications device to:

  • Report illegal activity
  • Summon medical or other emergency help.
  • Prevent injury to a person or property
  • Relay information between a transit or for-hire operator and that operator’s dispatcher, in which the device is permanently affixed to the vehicle.
  • Navigate using a Global Positioning System.

Penalties Under Louisiana Law

For the first offense, drivers of all ages will be fined no more than $500. For all subsequent violations of the law, drivers of all ages will be fined no more than $1000.

If a driver is involved in a traffic accident while violating Louisiana’s no texting while driving law, they will see their fines doubled.  

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